June 2016

Forex Marketing Agency: Solutions That Deliver Results

Digital Advertising

From pay per click (PPC) campaigns to media buying, programmatic and social media advertising – 7marketz team is here to get you the leads on highest ROI value. We cover video, retargeting, TV, real time bidiing (RTB), search engine marketing (SEM) and traditional display ads.

Content Management

Looking for a professional analyst to write articles for your website or blog? Considering press releases for your next campaign? Our team of certified journalists and forex analysts can deliver everything from webinars, technical and fundamental analysis to your site content (backed up with SEO) to press releases published across the leading industry sites.

Graphic and Multimedia Design

Static and animated banners, infographics and print ads, web design and video production – 7marketz team is here to deliver you the custom designs to support your brand image in the forex industry of your target markets.

Marketing Automation

7marketz is glad to present a revolutionary package that drives everything from workflow emails, to smart content, lists segmentation, SEO, reporting and integrates all your marketing efforts with sales. All in 1 package: landing pages, blog, campaigns, social media, emails, CRM, reports and more!

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