3 Best Email Marketing Examples That Made A Difference

Maryna Burushkina, May. 13, 2015Email Marketing
3 Best Email Marketing Examples That Made A Difference

If you are seeking best email marketing examples of good campaigns as a source of creativity and inspiration, a number of results may come up. However, these samples may be viewed subjective as they focus on design preferences rather than objective results.  Today’s blog post will highlight the 3 email principles that are not only appealing, but brought actual results to bottom line.

Simpler email that increases conversion

Hammock is a B2B content marketing firm that helps its clients formulate and execute content marketing strategies. They noticed that their newsletters were not bringing in the click-through rates and open-rates they wanted. After conducting a thorough analysis, they noticed that their email marketing campaigns were content heavy and self-promoting. So, they decided to simplify their email blasts and focus more on adding value to the customer. This made  “The Idea Email” campaign. This newsletter was dedicated to clients and offered one free idea to implement in their content marketing. It did not have any call to actions or links to try to get users to the website, just clean and simple content dedicated to the subscriber.

hammock email example

the idea email example

Take a look at the difference between the old and new newsletters.

The new email led to higher conversion rates and 48% increase in open rates. For more details click here to get the full report.

Relevant email that increases revenue

Not too long ago, Microsoft launched its brick and mortar stores in the US, making it the first time when Microsoft was a B2C outlet (apart from the sales of Microsoft Office). With this new channel, Microsoft didn’t have accurate consumer data and had to find a way to segment it. So they analyzed customer data points, segmented customers based on purchase history, created content that appealed to each segment and highlighted ways to benefit from specific Microsoft services. For example, customers who pre-ordered the Xbox One, received email giving sneak previews and compatible accessories, further increasing anticipation and loyalty.

microsoft email example

They implemented this strategy across their various segments and saw revenue increase by 600% from just the email channel. Full details on the Microsoft email strategy can be found here.

Power of personal emails

The Expert Institute (EI) is an organization that provides lawyers and attorneys access to experts that are useful for litigation support. The company usually sends a weekly newsletter with updates on company services. Results were not up to par with high unsubscribe rates, when EI realised that their email marketing campaigns needed to become more personal. They created a 1-on-1 email newsletter from the company VP to the client, making sure they used personal info, segmented by level of engagement and thorough A/B testing.


These personalized emails increased conversions by 200%. See full details about the campaign here.

These are only three examples, but rather than providing 15, 30 or 50 email examples to go through for inspiration, you should look deeper at the above creative samples (#QualityOverQuantity). These examples focus on the 3 main principles which build up an excellent email, know your customer, be personal and keep it simple. Once you get this right, you can then take a look at a broader range of examples provided here and here. All the best! :)

Did you find this post useful? What campaign examples have helped you advance your email marketing? Let us know in the comments section below.

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