5 Reasons To Invest In Email Marketing For Your Business

Kristina Frunze, Jun. 19, 2015Email Marketing
5 Reasons To Invest In Email Marketing For Your Business

E-mail is considered to be one of the oldest forms of online communication. With other new communication technologies, such as social media and instant messaging (arising daily), the use of email may seem obsolete to some of us. This is, however, not true. In this post we will describe the five substantial reasons to invest in email marketing.


With email, the potential number of customers you can reach is enormous. A 2013 report suggests that there are more than 3.2 billion email users. To put this into context, the world population is around 7 billion and half of that comes to about 3.5 billion. So in other words, email is used by almost half of the world population and your target audience is a part of them.This shows that email is one of the most widely used platforms for online communication and should be a primary part of your marketing if it isn't already.

email reach



The table below shows the survey results of customers’ preferred communication channel for marketing messages. 77% of users prefer emails as a form of marketing communication. With less than 10% of users giving preference to direct mail, cold calling and social media. So not only there are a lot of consumers using email, it's actually the best way to get their attention because that is the method of their choice.

email preference


You may be tempted to bypass newsletters for something more ‘modern’ like social media. However, emails have a longer lifespan than social media messages. Tweets and Facebook posts only last a couple minutes till something else takes over the customer’s timeline. With email, the message is always going to be in the inbox until the customer chooses to click it, ignore it or delete it (only if your email is perceived as irrelevant). Another point to consider before concluding that social media is more important, is to think of how users register for social media sites. That’s right - email addresses!



Email lets you be highly personable. Unlike cold calls and direct mail where you have the same static content for every customer, email lets you customize messages easier and increase the chances of turning leads into customers. Personalization is becoming key for successful marketing, and  nothing is more personal than a message in an inbox that starts off with “Dear *users name*”.

share a coke
Example of Personalization in offline marketing

5. ROI

Investment is all about returns. Since this post IS about rationale to invest in email, it is only right to save the best point for last. Email has one of the highest returns on investments in digital marketing. ROI is about %4300 on average suggesting that for every $1 invested in email marketing, you are expected to make $43 back.

Important: Email is not some magic bullet that lets you see such returns immediately. You have to research and identify the best practices to implement for your target audience to see the rewards, which takes time and effort. There are many more reasons to use email such as easier segmentation, shareability and ease of use. Hopefully, these five reasons have been an eye opener to start taking email more seriously. Now, take a look at our email marketing checklist to help get you started.

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