6 Guest Post Advantages You Didn't Know About

Chukwuemeka Ndu, Mar. 2, 2016Blogging
6 Guest Post Advantages You Didn't Know About

Blog maintenance requires lots of effort. Anyone who ever tried writing on a regular basis will agree now: sometimes you are just running out of fresh ideas, your texts are losing the sparkle, and you start to repeat yourself. Sounds apocalyptic, but I'm not here to scare you!

There is a brilliant solution for that, so easy that you will keep asking yourself "why didn't I try it before?" I'm talking about Guest Posts or 'Blog buddies'. You can invite authors to your blog or you can write for another blog. This intellectual exchange somehow reminds beautiful times when people were still writing letters to each other with their thoughts and ideas.

So why should you contribute with guest posts to others' blogs? Let's look at the stats:

62.96% of people perceive blogs with multiple authors to be more credible.

That means literally: if your customers see different names under the articles, the information is perceived to have more value. This is the power of psychology. While learning new information, we subconsciously compare it with what we already know and analyze the source.

So if you feel that your blog doesn't 'produce' enough leads, you should try inviting other experts to contribute.

New author = new readers.

This fact shouldn't surprise you, but usually authors have family, friends and their reader's circle. Do you know what the author will do right after seeing her/his own work on your website? Yes, share it! Just imagine how many people will visit your blog, read your stuff and instantly feel positive about your products/service, just because their friend was writing for you. Worth it? Totally!

Blogs that post daily get 5x more traffic compared to those that don’t

Yes, we are all busy people, I understand you so well: we don't have enough time to write serious, well-thought posts daily.

HubSpot study looks even more convincing: 92% of companies who blog multiple times per day have acquired a customer from their blog.

This is another reason to invite a guest blogger: you can keep your blog active without spending too much of your own time, and dedicate more time to customers instead of writing.

Touch of expertise

You can't know everything equally well, this is a human nature. Some people are better with tech, some are better at writing; some know more general information, some are pros in niche topics.

This is a good reason to invite author who is really an expert in a niche field of interest. Instead of writing your assumptions, you can get deep profound analysis.

Building a library

Once you write 24-51 posts, your blog traffic jumps by up to 30%.

And again we have to touch the question of human possibilities. Think well, are you capable of producing such amount of content on your own? Do you have that much spare time?

Unless you are a professional content writer and you create content for living, the answer will be "no".

With new authors you will be able to shorten the time of collecting the "virtual weight", and get your blog higher in search results.

Your content represents our company

Just think of these numbers: 70% of consumers prefer to know the company through articles rather than paid ads. That eventually demonstrates how significant is the content. Guest posting allows you to represent your business as a dynamic and social structure. Don't miss the opportunity to look fresh and different!

group of people look through binoculars

As you see, the reasons to trying guest blogging are very convincing! And editorial board of 7marketz decided that it's a right time to acquaint our audience with new authors!


Why contribute?

Share your expertise with a large audience of marketers, entrepreneurs, and businesses!

What do you need to get published?

Original content with profound ideas. Be creative!

We are looking for original content (I.e. that haven't been published anywhere before). This original content should contain bright ideas, your case study or a research on marketing topics.

Sufficient length

We don't mind long articles. Use as much of verbal power as you need to express your thoughts and explain your unique ideas.

Don't be too formal

Seriously, we are not a medical journal, thus, 'it is not advised to use formal expressions.' We are open for jokes (when it's appropriate), and easy friendly tone. We write for people and try to give not just useful information, but joy as well.

Prove it!

The most precious thing we can share with our readers is information, and we want it to be credible. Add links and mention the sources, our audience will truly appreciate it!

Once you feel that you are ready to share your knowledge and insights with us, please send your article at Hello@7marketz.com

We promise to:

  • Respect your intellectual rights and dedicate a separate paragraph to the author's bio;
  • Share your work with our audience on Social Media;

We are waiting to hear from you!

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