Happy New 2015 From The 7marketz Team

Maryna Burushkina, Dec. 31, 20147MARKETZ News
Happy New 2015 From The 7marketz Team

This year has been amazing for all of us and we believe that the coming 2015 will bring even more creativity and challenging projects.

Happy New Year to all and we wish you success and prosperity in 2015!

Before our team moves onto the new adventure, we’re reviewing the big highlights from 2014:

Presentation: Entrepreneurial growth through the rise of Internet

Maryna Burushkina, the International Marketing Consultant at 7marketz Inc. delivered a speech on online marketing, customer engagement and how businesses can improve their marketing operations through the rising power of the Internet in today’s digital age. Below is the video and the presentation slides for your review.

Event partners:

  • Infosistema, outsourcing of IT services for banking, insurance, manufacturing and public administration; business support portals, BPM and Workflow solutions
  • APDSI, promotion and development of the Information Society and Knowledge in Portugal

Presentation: Importance of quantitative data for the hospitality industry and how it can be applied in online marketing

  • At Inbound Muse webinar "low season - High Revenue"
  • November 2014

The guest speaker at the webinar, Maryna Burushkina, delivered a presentation on how companies collect customer data, analyze and put into practice to better reach, engage and convert followers into customers. The presentation covers the elements of web experience, social media, mobile and email.

New site launch: AtoZ Forex

December 2014 atozforex.com is a forex resource center for traders and a media publisher for forex brokers and solution providers. The site is currently in a demo version, but is already featuring more than 10 news every day, fundamental and technical analyses, trading calculators, webinars, forex education, and many more to come soon.

Here’s a sneak peak: www.atozforex.com  

AtoZ Forex website                                  

Presentation: New marketing trends for Cypriot business

At Cyprus Business Network Cyprus marketing is much behind many other fast-paced digital countries such as the Netherlands or the USA, but still, Cypriot businesses should not avoid the marketing opportunities that stand behind online marketing and customer engagement; covering decision simplicity, social engagement, mobile, content, context and the big data.

Other important events of the year:

See you all in 2015 and Happy New Year! :)

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