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  • Credible content

Your Guide To Credible Content Marketing

How many times have you started reading an article, and after the very first paragraph you were thinking:‘Ohh, come on! This is advertisement!’ As for me, when I feel that an author is trying too hard to sell me something, I usually...
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  • Social Media Humor

Social Media Tone: Between Entertainment And Professionalism

While running your business page on social media, you are constantly facing a problem of a choice between being a seriousprofessional or using a more casual tone. Why do so many businesses see humor as a ‘forbidden fruit’, and where is this thinline,...
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  • logo linkedin

Case Study: How to Increase Linkedin Engagement

On the surface, LinkedIn looks easy: you have a network of professionals, who are definitely interested in their industry topics; you have an idea of what type of content they are interested in, and you can also guess the most...
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  • web design

How Web Design Evolved Throughout The Years

As everything in this world, the websites are changing. What is even more surprising, there is a certain website fashion. If some years ago, web designers were obsessed with 3D, now it’s more about flat buttons and simplicity. If in...
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  • guest post advantages

6 Guest Post Advantages You Didn’t Know About

Blog maintenance requires lots of effort. Anyone who ever tried writing on a regular basis will agree now: sometimes you are just running out of fresh ideas, your texts are losing the sparkle, and you start to repeat yourself. Sounds apocalyptic, but I’m...
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  • marketing trends

5 Major Marketing Trends Of 2016

Time for fruitful ideas! Last year we’ve seen the rise of completely new marketing trends that changed our vision on how to promote and brand our products. Some of the marketing trends were already familiar but still took the front...
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  • twitter guide

A Twitter Guide For Startups: Best Practices And Fresh Ideas

Your startup company has less than 100 followers on Twitter? The only question I feel like asking you is: How did you manage not to get any followers? Twitter is probably one of the best and definitely the easiest platforms...
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  • attract readers

How to Attract Readers to Your Blog

You have a lot of awesome content, you know that. But statistics show the opposite: for some reason, people just don’t feel like browsing your articles. And not a single soul on this planet, will ever know your terrific tips...
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  • emotional marketing

4 Effortless Ways To Use Emotional Marketing

This article is meant to make you feel powerful. Yes, you are! The words, and in general, all kinds of information have an unbelievable potential. Look around, the words are everywhere: from the magazine you were reading during your morning...
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  • marketing ideas from movies posters

How Movie Posters Inspire Creative Marketing In 5 Simple Steps

The movie was about… let’s say it was a complete waste of time. But you will realise that much later. As for now, you are passing by this amazing poster, looking so classy and realize the urgent need to get the...
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