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Why Google Reversed its Crypto Ad Ban?

Great news for cryptocurrency market participants – Google has reversed its crypto ad ban and now allows for placement of promotional materials for “regulated” cryptocurrency exchanges. 27 September 2018 – It appears that Google has relaxed its stance regarding cryptocurrency...
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Cryptocurrency Ads Ban reversed? Facebook Crypto Ads onboarding guide

At the beginning of this year, the crypto community has been hit with the news about Facebook banning crypto ads. This news was followed by the same decisions from Google, Twitter, and Snapchat. The social media and Internet giants adopted...
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Google’s 2018 ads policy: Google bans ICO and Crypto ads

14 March, 7Marketz.com – In the latest news, Google plans to ban cryptocurrency-related advertising activities of all types starting as early as June 2018. Google’s 2018 ads policy: Google bans ICO and Crypto ads The recent update to Google’s financial...
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  • social media design tips

6 Social Media Design Tips For Forex Brokers In 2016

A visual speaks a thousand words. In a constantly changing social media environment where the viewer’s attention span (8.25 sec) is now even lower than that of a goldfish (9 sec), appealing visuals are the key to grabbing and retaining...
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  • twitter 10 years

Reflection Of Twitter 10th Anniversary

Wow, can you imagine this, Twitter has been around for the whole 10 years! The social network was created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and Noah Glass. Twitter is a micro-blogging platform, where user posts are limited to 140 characters. Twitter rapidly raised its popularity...
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  • 7marketz what people hate about sales

Survey: What People Hate About Sales?

Working with (or for some, dealing with) sales is a constant part of our professional lives. Some sales reps are great to work with. Some … not so much. Our previous blog post The Thin Line Between Selling And Failing To Sell highlights...
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  • 7marketz-video-marketing

Video Marketing And Its Impact On Businesses

One of my favourite ways to kill time is to watch some videos on YouTube. Millions of hours worth of entertainment right in front of you. Grab some crisps and you are set to watch that funny cat video that...
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  • forex webinars

How Webinars Can Drive More Qualified Leads For Your Forex Business

Education has been a key resource for many brokers for lead generation. Some brokers have taken education to the next level establishing training centers in various countries and some have set themselves “Online Academies” by offering forex webinars on various topics....
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  • entrepreneur

What It Takes To Be A Successful Entrepreneur?

With an unlimited upside, many strive to become entrepreneurs. Yet, although everyone could, only minority surpasses the uncertainties, challenges and obstacles in the path towards their dream. The following building blocks and abilities are just a few of many, which...
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  • Forex Media Buying Solutions to consider

Forex Media Buying Solutions to Consider For Your Next Campaign

There are hundreds of forex media buying websites available out there, with each of their own media kit to send out to the forex brokers. In the consumer age, even companies are getting more inclined to offer (and not to...
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