Best Media Buying Sites For Your Forex Firm

Polina Zelikova, Jan. 29, 2015Media Buying
Best Media Buying Sites For Your Forex Firm

With the last few weeks of market turmoil after the #SwissFranc Black Swan event, still many forex brokers are staying strong and want to attract as many new traders and investors as possible from those of their competition who are terminating their regulatory financial operations.

Taking this opportunity, 7marketz team has prepared a comprehensive list of best media buying sites for your forex firm where a broker exposure will not pass without attention. The two primary goals of any business when selecting a media presence, including foreign exchange, are lead generation and branding. So, here's the list of top media buying sites for your forex firm to kickoff the global trust campaign. Please note: the below are based on the global performance for English language campaigns

Goal: lead generation

The below 6 brokers have shown great results in terms of the CPL (cost per lead) and the amount spent.

1. Forex Factory

One of the biggest forex portals in the industry, covering forums, news, broker guide (what you should be interested in!) and trade feed. Broker guide often runs very well in combination with a branding / advertising campaign done via the side and bottom banners.

Forex Factory

Tip: submit your PR to get more exposure

2. Action Forex

This is one of the best sites to find quality traders through media buying. Some of the best activities would be the text ads and newsletters. You can also consider adding display ads to support the optimisation of the campaign. Press releases, news and articles would come in very helpful for inbound links and SEO boost.

Action Forex

3. Forex Traders

Forex Traders have got a network of sites, including, and Advertising with them will give your forex broker exposure on all three sites at a relatively cheap rate, at the same time, bringing quality registrations. The only thing to keep in mind is that geo-targeting is not available, and if your broker does not accept US clients (or another country), it will not be possible to filter out the leads.

Forex Traders

4. Baby Pips

Baby pips is one of the biggest forex sites for beginners and traders seeking education or advice from the others. It's a great media publisher to attract novice traders or run educational campaigns. The most credible media buy would most probably be placed on the forum section of the site, where community will see your brand at all times.

Baby pips

5. Daily Forex

Daily Forex is a great site when your broker is seeking out traders from the Middle East, as you can run effective campaigns on English and Arabic site. The media kit is split in packages, and to get most exposure and ROI, best would be the Golden plan with the broker page, display ads, social posts and press releases for the maximum exposure.

6. FX Daily Info

The site is still rather small, but you can get exposure on multiple sites and domains, such as,,, English, Indonesian and Russian versions. The exposure also includes analyst guest posts, social media posts, press releases and multiple display ads throughout the sites.

Goal: branding ad recognition

The below 6 media sites are a good choice if you want to increase brand exposure or get quality traffic, who you can also add into your remarking campaigns in case they will not convert in the first place.

1. Forex Magnates

The leading forex media site within the industry, where brokers can get exposure through Press releases, interviews, directory listings, trading analysis, display ads and multiple events and expos organised throughout the year. The site is available in English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Arabic to attract your target traders at the best quality, even if the number of traffic is not as high as for some of the other sites in the industry (e.g.

Forex Magnates

2. Investing

The biggest forex media publisher by the number of traffic, where you can run almost any media campaign, starting from popup banners, to wallpapers, display ad banners, featured broker listing, and many more. You can also submit Press Releases and guest articles with market analysis and commentary for additional exposure. The pricing is rather high, but you also get a huge amount of traffic coming to your site.

3. Forex Peace Army (FPA)

The best site in the industry to build up your broker reputation. Simply search on Google for your broker name + review, and FPA will come in in the top 3 search results at all times. This is most probably the best site to build up your broker reputation in discussion groups + you can even target traders with the display ads! Forex Peace Army

4. MT5

Your top choice for targeting professional forex traders and investors within CIS countries. On MT5, you can run English (Global) and Russian display campaigns on the main site and on the forum to get maximum exposure from the community members looking for a reliable broker to trade with.

5. My FX Book

A community with a number of active forex traders. Especially if your forex broker has got low spreads to show off, you should definitely consider this site, as their comprehensive spread comparison table will definitely contribute to your brokerage branding and SEO. In addition, you can run demo contests in association with My FX Book to attract new traders and have display ads to further expand your trader reach. This site media works in co-opeartion with FX Street and Forex Crunch.

6. AtoZ Forex

Last but not least, a recently launched AtoZ Forex media publisher has skyrocketed within the industry since its very recent launch at the end of 2014. The site covers daily technical, fundamental and market news, free forex signals, calculators, events, forex careers and so much more. As the site is still rather new and fresh, the pricing is rather low comparing to other already very-well established media publishers, so here you can definitely expand your reach to the quality traffic and traders who come visit the site on daily basis for forex updates.

AtoZ Forex

So, are you ready to launch your ground-breaking media buying campaign? Contact 7marketz associate to schedule your next campaign.

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