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  • creative easter marketing ideas

16 Creative Easter Marketing Ideas For Your Branding Campaign

Did you know that in the USA alone, the annual spent during the Easter season is close to $226 per household? This, however, still excludes how brands transform their marketing activities to the seasonal marketing campaigns. Let’s see how your company...
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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Personalisation

Have you ever bought a musician’s autobiography on Amazon.com, and then returned to the homepage to get a suggestion to buy their latest album? This isn’t mind reading, but the power of personalization.  Personalization uses data about users to create...
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  • Credible content

Your Guide To Credible Content Marketing

How many times have you started reading an article, and after the very first paragraph you were thinking:‘Ohh, come on! This is advertisement!’ As for me, when I feel that an author is trying too hard to sell me something, I usually...
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  • how-to-work-with-opinion-leaders-on-social-media

How to work with opinion leaders on social media

Guest post by Mary Kleim Promoting a brand or a product is a multimillion industry, utilizing significant percentages of company’s resources. Recent developments, particularly the Internet and social media, have tipped the balance in favor of people instead of organizations. Enterprising...
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Too Far Into The Future: Impossible Marketing Realities

“Aerial cars will fly between great centers of population, arriving and departing on fixed schedules and carrying their human cargoes” (Henry Litchfield, 1901) Humanity has always been dreaming about the impossible: should we take crazy experiments with wings, parachute costumes...
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Small Business Guide to Instagram Success

There are unexplainable things in this world: some people see ghosts, others prefer fairies or zombies… and some people have a stubborn belief that a business can’t succeed on Instagram. “Whaaat?” say Asos, Amazon, John Frieda and many others who...
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How to increase Forex lead conversion by optimizing your landing pages

A landing page is an important part of your website and acts as a ‘sales person’ that helps you gather information about your prospects and collect leads. Optimized landing page can increase Forex lead conversion exponentially even if the amount of...
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  • creative intelligence in action

Welcome to the new 7marketz

Since 2010, 7MARKETZ has been providing digital marketing services to companies in Europe and North America. International Marketing Goes Social has made impact with over 500 international campaigns within the last five years, helping nearly 50 brands go outside the...
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  • Google AdWords for tech startups

Introduction to Google AdWords for Tech startups

Today nearly every company has implemented search engine marketing (SEM) in their marketing mix. Why not, you can start with any budget and pay only if someone actually clicks and visits your website. But, has everyone been doing it right? Let’s...
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  • google_adwords_for_forex_marketing

Google AdWords for Forex Marketing: Best Practices and Trends

Often times we get the same question from our clients, “What’s the best way to optimise our Google AdWords for Forex Marketing Campaigns?” After running advertising for some time, you can notice that some of your ads are performing better...
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