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  • Digital-Marketing-Facts-To-Know

7 Digital Marketing Facts to Know (Part 2)

Hello 7marketers! Here are the answers to the March Marketing facts posted on 7marketz social media channels. Which ones did you get right or wrong? Like us on Facebook and stay tuned for the next round in April!...
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  • Best Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns

5 Easy Guerilla Marketing Ideas To Inspire

In today’s data-driven age, it is important to find ways to stand out from the noise. For large companies this often involves allocating a huge marketing budget for SEO efforts, native ads, paid search and viral promotions. For smaller companies...
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  • Happy Spring Festival

Themed Marketing Campaign Ideas That Rock

First of, Happy Spring Festival to all our Chinese followers and everyone celebrating the start of the Year Of The Sheep!...
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  • Digital-Marketing-Facts-To-Know

7 Digital Marketing Facts to Know (Part 1)

Have you been following our Facebook page with the marketing questions regarding the digital marketing facts to know?...
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  • Marketing blogs for MARCOM managers to follow

6 Marketing Blogs Every MARCOM Manager Needs To Follow

Have you ever purchased a new phone, and just when you start getting used to it, a newer model is released? This is exactly how digital marketing works. It evolves at a remarkable pace and marketers need to be up...
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  • Marcom Managers - Top 5 skills

The Top 5 Skills Digital MARCOM Managers Need To Succeed In 2015

It’s January, and hopefully you are still sticking to your new year’s resolutions. The generic theme is always “New year, new me”, aspiring to be better in different aspects of life. If you are in marketing, you should aim to...
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  • best-media-buying-sites-for-your-forex-firm

Best Media Buying Sites For Your Forex Firm

With the last few weeks of market turmoil after the #SwissFranc Black Swan event, still many forex brokers are staying strong and want to attract as many new traders and investors as possible from those of their competition who are...
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  • How-to-choose-a-marketing-agency-for-your-business

Checklist To Selecting A Marketing Agency For Your Business

Marketing, like everything in the world today, has digitally evolved to become more complex and dynamic. It cannot be done half heartedly and needs to be constantly iterated on a daily basis. If it sounds like a lot of work,...
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Step-by-Step on How To Engage Your Online Community

Nearly every business today has a Facebook page, a Twitter profile and a website. The challenge comes, however, when you want to engage the audience and keep them coming back to eventually convert as a client. Our team has compiled...
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  • Inspirational marketing quotes

Marketing Quotes 2015 To Inspire You

Happy New Year and welcome to 2015. Rather than the new year resolutions of going to the gym and improving your diet, 7marketz team would like to propose you a better marketing as one of your goals for 2015....
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