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  • Marketing Consulting for Small Business

Website Traffic from Social Media: What To Expect

Just recently, 7marketz team got a very good question on the LinkedIn Community, International Marketing Goes Social, where a member asked how many web visits should small businesses actually expect from their social media channels. The answer is not as simple...
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  • Happy New Year

Happy New 2015 From The 7marketz Team

This year has been amazing for all of us and we believe that the coming 2015 will bring even more creativity and challenging projects. Happy New Year to all and we wish you success and prosperity in 2015!   Before...
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  • Facebook page of Facebook

10 Facebook Pages That Stood Out in 2014

With 2014 coming to a close, it is expected to see articles about a recap of the year or a prediction of what is to come next year. I’ll go with the former and highlight the Facebook pages that stood...
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  • social media marketing

5 Do’s And Dont’s Of Social Media Marketing

This article highlights 5 rules to keep in mind when setting up social media for a small business or a startup, in other words – Do’s and Dont’s of Social Media Marketing. If you are a small business or a...
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  • programmatic buying

6 Questions You Want Answered About Programmatic Buying

Like its predecessors ‘Big Data’ and ‘Gamification’, Programmatic buying is shaping up to become one of the biggest marketing/advertising buzzwords this year. With its growing popularity, there tends to be a cumbersome amount of information and fluff on the World...
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  • marketing principles for small businesses

7 Marketing Principles For Small Businesses

Do you have difficulties to plan and effectively execute your marketing strategy? No worries – many small businesses face this issue nowadays, especially when the technology is progressing at a speed of the light....
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  • ab-testing

Beginner’s Guide to A/B Testing

A/B testing is a web optimization technique that helps testers see how different scenarios play out. This article breaks down the process and shows how to easily start testing your website and email campaigns for better results.   Imagine shopping...
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  • 7marketz - Digital Marketing

11 Best Digital Marketing Practices In 2014

Many companies try to find ways to improve their digital marketing strategies, especially in the every-day changing marketing environment. More and more businesses are asking us questions on whether there are best practices for content structure that would enable higher...
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