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  • optimise email marketing performance

How To Optimize Email Marketing Performance: Beginner’s Guide

Email marketing has always been an important channel for communication and lead generation activities since the rise of the Internet. However, not everybody still gets it right. We’ve compiled this beginner’s guide  on how to optimise email marketing performance and improve your MARCOM results....
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  • what-is-spam-email-7marketz

What Is Spam In Email Marketing

WHAT IS SPAM? We might have our preconceptions about this. We might consider spam to be an email from a Nigerian prince or from a pharmaceutical company about some “free Viagra”. These are definitely annoying but are not the only...
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  • email marketing benchmarks

B2B Email Marketing Benchmarks To Convert Leads To Customers

Email marketing is one of the best ways to convert leads to customers. Measurement of email campaigns is key to evaluating how effective your email strategy is. There are a number of benchmarks to keep in mind for your evaluation...
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  • Invest In Email Marketing

5 Reasons To Invest In Email Marketing For Your Business

E-mail is considered to be one of the oldest forms of online communication. With other new communication technologies, such as social media and instant messaging (arising daily), the use of email may seem obsolete to some of us. This is,...
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  • Best Email Marketing Software

6 Of The Best Email Marketing Software To Manage Large Accounts

One of the advantages of email marketing is that it is relatively low cost compared to traditional marketing channels, as you do not have to pay for billboards, flyers etc. Notice, we said relatively low cost and NOT free. As...
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3 Best Email Marketing Examples That Made A Difference

If you are seeking best email marketing examples of good campaigns as a source of creativity and inspiration, a number of results may come up. However, these samples may be viewed subjective as they focus on design preferences rather than...
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