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How to increase Forex lead conversion by optimizing your landing pages

A landing page is an important part of your website and acts as a ‘sales person’ that helps you gather information about your prospects and collect leads. Optimized landing page can increase Forex lead conversion exponentially even if the amount of...
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  • google_adwords_for_forex_marketing

Google AdWords for Forex Marketing: Best Practices and Trends

Often times we get the same question from our clients, “What’s the best way to optimise our Google AdWords for Forex Marketing Campaigns?” After running advertising for some time, you can notice that some of your ads are performing better...
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  • hire marketing consultant

Why You Should Hire a Marketing Consultant For Your Business

Payroll or outsource? Whether you run a small business or a large enterprise, the requirement of a sound marketing strategy will underlie all your business efforts. While coping within a highly volatile marketplace may seem like an impossible mission, it...
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  • forex china

Forex is ‘Going China’ and The Power of Event Marketing

China has been one of the major markets for the foreign exchange industry for over a decade now. With high net worth and appealing investor profile, forex brokers have been targeting this country, but not all successfully. In our previous...
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  • 7marketz how to choose a target market for a currency trading company

How to Choose a Target Market for A Currency Trading Company

When you are starting at a new forex brokerage firm, one of the first things to think about for MARCOM is “who are we going to target”, “how to choose a target market for a currency trading company?”. The question of...
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  • forex webinars

How Webinars Can Drive More Qualified Leads For Your Forex Business

Education has been a key resource for many brokers for lead generation. Some brokers have taken education to the next level establishing training centers in various countries and some have set themselves “Online Academies” by offering forex webinars on various topics....
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  • Forex Media Buying Solutions to consider

Forex Media Buying Solutions to Consider For Your Next Campaign

There are hundreds of forex media buying websites available out there, with each of their own media kit to send out to the forex brokers. In the consumer age, even companies are getting more inclined to offer (and not to...
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  • benefits-of-forex-marketing-agency-services

How Can Your Company Benefit From Forex Marketing Agency Services

With the rising number in new brokerage firms, there might be times when your company might not be able to recruit qualified personnel to handle your marketing operations. Or even if you already have a marketing department, your forex campaigns might not...
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  • forex marketing - media buying

Forex Marketing: Why Media Buying Does Not Convert & How to Fix It

Media buying has been one of the main marketing channels for 90% of the forex brokers and investment firms worldwide. This channels is mostly chosen due to its targeted audience for your specific focus industry and variety of media available,...
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  • Difference between media company and forex marketing agency

Real Difference Between A Media Company And A Forex Marketing Agency

Advertising, PR, Media buying, Social Media and Branding, these are the usual services provided by the media agencies nowadays. But what is the actual difference between a media company and a forex marketing agency? As 7marketz team is getting a...
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