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Cryptocurrency Ads Ban reversed? Facebook Crypto Ads onboarding guide

At the beginning of this year, the crypto community has been hit with the news about Facebook banning crypto ads. This news was followed by the same decisions from Google, Twitter, and Snapchat. The social media and Internet giants adopted...
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Google’s 2018 ads policy: Google bans ICO and Crypto ads

14 March, 7Marketz.com – In the latest news, Google plans to ban cryptocurrency-related advertising activities of all types starting as early as June 2018. Google’s 2018 ads policy: Google bans ICO and Crypto ads The recent update to Google’s financial...
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  • Google AdWords for tech startups

Introduction to Google AdWords for Tech startups

Today nearly every company has implemented search engine marketing (SEM) in their marketing mix. Why not, you can start with any budget and pay only if someone actually clicks and visits your website. But, has everyone been doing it right? Let’s...
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  • google_adwords_for_forex_marketing

Google AdWords for Forex Marketing: Best Practices and Trends

Often times we get the same question from our clients, “What’s the best way to optimise our Google AdWords for Forex Marketing Campaigns?” After running advertising for some time, you can notice that some of your ads are performing better...
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