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  • 7marketz what people hate about sales

Survey: What People Hate About Sales?

Working with (or for some, dealing with) sales is a constant part of our professional lives. Some sales reps are great to work with. Some … not so much. Our previous blog post The Thin Line Between Selling And Failing To Sell highlights...
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  • 7marketz failing to sell

The Thin Line Between Selling And Failing To Sell

It is finally Friday, everyone is ready to finish their working week and welcome that two days of weekend to spend some time with the family, enjoy the pool, movie or anything else that you have been waiting for.  And...
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  • sales-qualified-leads

Conversion Optimisation With Lifecycle Stages | Sales Qualified Leads

Before the digital age, every business was spending the same amount of time, energy and resources to convert each of the leads into clients. Today, many of you are getting more and more prospects, and you can no longer treat...
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  • Programmatic Buying

How Advertising Helps in Buying | Rtb And Programmatic

Many companies are struggling with defining how advertising helps in buying (really!) In response to that, marketing departments are struggling to present measurable ROI results to the management and get approvals for moving the advertsing campaigns forwards. This post is...
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