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Cryptocurrency Ads Ban reversed? Facebook Crypto Ads onboarding guide

At the beginning of this year, the crypto community has been hit with the news about Facebook banning crypto ads. This news was followed by the same decisions from Google, Twitter, and Snapchat. The social media and Internet giants adopted...
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  • creative easter marketing ideas

16 Creative Easter Marketing Ideas For Your Branding Campaign

Did you know that in the USA alone, the annual spent during the Easter season is close to $226 per household? This, however, still excludes how brands transform their marketing activities to the seasonal marketing campaigns. Let’s see how your company...
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How to work with opinion leaders on social media

Guest post by Mary Kleim Promoting a brand or a product is a multimillion industry, utilizing significant percentages of company’s resources. Recent developments, particularly the Internet and social media, have tipped the balance in favor of people instead of organizations. Enterprising...
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Small Business Guide to Instagram Success

There are unexplainable things in this world: some people see ghosts, others prefer fairies or zombies… and some people have a stubborn belief that a business can’t succeed on Instagram. “Whaaat?” say Asos, Amazon, John Frieda and many others who...
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  • How to Manage a Social Promotion for a Mobile App

How to Manage a Social Promotion for a Mobile App

No need to say that whatever you create in 2016 and further, you need to socially promote. 40% of the population is using Internet and 50 more people will join to World Wide Web the moment you reach the end...
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  • live streaming

Let’s Go Live (Streaming)

The joy of knowing what your celebrity crush is up to at the moment is real. I am not talking about just a picture of his breakfast on Instagram. No. I mean the real deal, where you can actually see him...
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  • Social Media Humor

Social Media Tone: Between Entertainment And Professionalism

While running your business page on social media, you are constantly facing a problem of a choice between being a seriousprofessional or using a more casual tone. Why do so many businesses see humor as a ‘forbidden fruit’, and where is this thinline,...
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  • social media design tips

6 Social Media Design Tips For Forex Brokers In 2016

A visual speaks a thousand words. In a constantly changing social media environment where the viewer’s attention span (8.25 sec) is now even lower than that of a goldfish (9 sec), appealing visuals are the key to grabbing and retaining...
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  • snapchat-banner

The Future of Social Media: Snapchat Vs. Telegram

Somehow, we got used to constantly appearing new social platforms. We try them, short after, forget the password, and finally delete the app. Yet, the chosen ones are staying in our hearts for years: Twitter, Instagram, oh yes, and Facebook....
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  • logo linkedin

Case Study: How to Increase Linkedin Engagement

On the surface, LinkedIn looks easy: you have a network of professionals, who are definitely interested in their industry topics; you have an idea of what type of content they are interested in, and you can also guess the most...
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