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Step by step ICO fundraising guide

In this step by step ICO fund raising guide I’ll share my experience on how we raised $4.8 mln for one of 7marketz Inc. Group’s ICO clients during private sale. ICO – Initial Coin Offering – is a popular way...
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Small Business Guide to Instagram Success

There are unexplainable things in this world: some people see ghosts, others prefer fairies or zombies… and some people have a stubborn belief that a business can’t succeed on Instagram. “Whaaat?” say Asos, Amazon, John Frieda and many others who...
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  • Google AdWords for tech startups

Introduction to Google AdWords for Tech startups

Today nearly every company has implemented search engine marketing (SEM) in their marketing mix. Why not, you can start with any budget and pay only if someone actually clicks and visits your website. But, has everyone been doing it right? Let’s...
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  • hire marketing consultant

Why You Should Hire a Marketing Consultant For Your Business

Payroll or outsource? Whether you run a small business or a large enterprise, the requirement of a sound marketing strategy will underlie all your business efforts. While coping within a highly volatile marketplace may seem like an impossible mission, it...
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  • How to Manage a Social Promotion for a Mobile App

How to Manage a Social Promotion for a Mobile App

No need to say that whatever you create in 2016 and further, you need to socially promote. 40% of the population is using Internet and 50 more people will join to World Wide Web the moment you reach the end...
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  • creating a successful app

10 Essential Tips For Creating A Successful App

Nowadays nobody is questioning how important are apps for our everyday life. According to statistics, by 2017 mobile apps will have more than 268 billion downloads, generating revenue of more than $77 billion! These numbers turn app technology into one...
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  • twitter guide

A Twitter Guide For Startups: Best Practices And Fresh Ideas

Your startup company has less than 100 followers on Twitter? The only question I feel like asking you is: How did you manage not to get any followers? Twitter is probably one of the best and definitely the easiest platforms...
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  • importance of marketing for tech startups 7marketz

Importance Of Marketing For Tech Stratups

We have all been there, trying to find a parking spot when you are rushing for a meeting. Only ending up driving in circles for 30 minutes. Now you came up with a brilliant idea that can fix this problem,...
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  • Lead Generation Campaign Ideas

Lead Generation Campaign Ideas For Your Small Business

Local stores, tech startups and entrepreneurs don’t necessary have to have big bucks marketing budget to attract business.  There are many ways your company can run lead generation and branding campaigns at a cost close to zero. In this post...
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  • How-to-choose-a-marketing-agency-for-your-business

Checklist To Selecting A Marketing Agency For Your Business

Marketing, like everything in the world today, has digitally evolved to become more complex and dynamic. It cannot be done half heartedly and needs to be constantly iterated on a daily basis. If it sounds like a lot of work,...
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