7 Digital Marketing Facts to Know (Part 1)

Quyen Nong, Feb. 18, 2015Digital Marketing
7 Digital Marketing Facts to Know (Part 1)

Have you been following our Facebook page with the marketing questions regarding the digital marketing facts to know?

Well, here are the answers to the February Marketing facts posted on our various social media channels. Which ones did you get right or wrong? Like us and Facebook and stay tuned for the next round in MARCH.

  1. Each month there are 11.944 billion searches on Google
  2. 91% of email users have unsubscribed from a company email
  3. 73% of marketers have at least 1 mobile marketing strategy
  4. Google Plus is the most male oriented social network with 68% male and 32% female users
  5. The most expensive ad in the world costs $33 million, and it is by channel
  6. 329 million people read blogs every month
  7. Today more than 98% of all stored information is digital


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