Facebook Marketing Guide for Beginners - The 4 Elements

Quyen Nong, Aug. 14, 2019Social Media
Facebook Marketing Guide for Beginners - The 4 Elements

Facebook – the most popular social network has 1.23 billion monthly active users (The Next Web; Jan 29, 2014). However, still not every one of us knows how to utilize this channel in the most efficient manner. There is a huge list of tools, best practices and tutorials out there to help you master The Social Network, but here is a quick Facebook marketing guide for beginners, for those of you who are just getting started in managing your startup Facebook page.


Before jumping into the marketing tactics, make sure that you’ve got everything you need to make the prominent impression to your audience:

  1. Analyze the competition
  2. Define your buyer persona
  3. Establish preliminary goals and marketing strategy
  4. Complete the ABOUT section, including the keywords
  5. Make a creative cover photo for your page
  6. Review the settings of what you want people to see on your page
  7. Establish clear roles
  8. Draft the social media schedule.

Check out this infographic to learn how to get the most of your Facebook Business Page!

13 must know tips for a successful facebook business page



Powered by Meltwater is a great tool to analyze and monitor your Facebook account, get instant recommendations for optimization and see how you compare to competition.



Use canva.com to customize the design of the cover photo, profile, ads and post images. This tool is free, easy to use and customizable for any of your startup design needs.



With woobox.com, you can create campaign tabs for sweepstakes (lead gen), contests, polls, deals, rewards and any other promotion. The limited version using HTML gateway or a simple link (image) is free, and other plans start from only $30/month.



Bit.ly is a simple yet powerful tool to shorten the links and track who, when and where clicked on your URL. You can use it free of charge for most of the work required.



1. Make sure your posts are not longer than 2 lines and include 1-2 #hashtags. Some hashtag examples for the foreign exchange industry are #forex #trading #forexsignal #forextrading #eurozone #Fibonacci #RSI #MT4 #MetaTrader4 #investment.

TIP: You can check the trending hashtags using tagboard.com.


2. Include images and videos in posts significantly increase the post reach.

3. Include links in posts to refer followers to your website. Remove link from the post once the link preview appears (increases click-through-rate).

4. Check what to expect from social media traffic.


1. Ask followers questions, run polls and host online events to increase user interaction.

2. Tag partners, associates and influencers in posts to drive discussions.

3. Boost posts to increase the reach.

4. Check 15 must-see social media infographics of 2015 for the best practices collection.


1. Use promoted posts for increasing the reach of the messages (recommended from $5/post)

2. Use boosted page for increasing the page following (recommended from $50/page)

3. Use clicks to website to bring people to the landing page (recommended from $100/ad)

4. Use event responses to promote the webinar or seminar hosted on Facebook (recommended from $50/event)

5. Plan a creative campaign to attract qualified leads. Use more than 1 creative and run A/B tests with your ads.

6. Add 7marketz as the ADVERTISER role in page settings to manage your advertisements at any time. Simply give us a shout!

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