10 Facebook Pages That Stood Out in 2014

Chukwuemeka Ndu, Dec. 23, 2014Social Media
10 Facebook Pages That Stood Out in 2014

With 2014 coming to a close, it is expected to see articles about a recap of the year or a prediction of what is to come next year. I’ll go with the former and highlight the Facebook pages that stood out in 2014.

Note: This list is subjective and focuses on the Facebook pages I follow or admire. They are in no particular order of preference.

1. ALS association (340,674 likes)

ALS is a non-profit that aims to eradicate Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Disease, a neural disease that causes voluntary muscle movement, from the planet.

Why it’s on my list?

They came up with the most viral campaign this year, which was the ALS Ice Bucket. This was a challenge that entailed pouring an ice bucket of water over your head. If you failed to do so, you would have to donate to the organization. It became such a hit that personalities such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and even President Obama, recorded videos of themselves being drenched in ice cold water. Over 2 million videos were uploaded to Facebook and $115 million were raised. Talk about ROI! If you’ve been under a rock that’s been under a rock, here is my favourite example of an #ALSIceBucketChallenge.


2. Nike Football (38,340,692 likes)

Nike is one of the most prolific sports brands and its social media marketing is equally as prolific.

Why it’s on my list?

The world cup is the biggest sports event in the world and it took place in Brazil this year. It has its official partners, which include Emirates, Coca-Cola and Adidas (Nike’s main competitor). Even though Nike was not an official partner, they created a “Risk Everything” campaign that set the mood for the start of the World Cup. They created an animated video with iconic soccer stars and the results were amazing. According to Nike CMO, David Grasso, the video is just the first step in how Nike plans to engage its users digitally and through social media. This plan seems to be working well as the video is the most shared World Cup video on Facebook.

3. Coca-Cola (91,776,303 likes)

One of the world’s most recognisable and profitable brands.

Why it’s on my list?

In the age of customization and personalization, Coca-Cola responded with a summer campaign known as #ShareACoke. They took the 250 most common names of this generation and put them on coke bottles with the slogan “Share a coke with *insert name here* ”. They posted videos and images of Coke bottles with different names, and encouraged users to share their own pictures with their favourite bottles (the ones with their names of course).  This was very engaging because it had users buying bottles hoping to have their name on it. When they found their special Cokes, they shared it on social media.  Even if you did not have a common name, like mine (Chukky), you were still able to participate in the fun with labels such as “ Legend”, “Star” or “Super Star”. Here is a look at how Coca-Cola used the campaign to promote, Founder’s Day, an American Holiday.

Coca Cola Facebook Page                      

4. Starbucks  (37,993,840 likes)

When you think of Starbucks you think of coffee, laptops and free Wi-Fi.

Why on my list? 

The company has made an attempt to not only be your coffee shop of choice but also be everywhere you go. For example, The Starbucks app. lets you reserve your order before you walk in. With their Facebook page, they give you more reasons to look at your phone. They provide unique recipes, tips to use their products, coffee facts and share images that are appropriate for the season. This creates a digital ecosystem that is attention-grabbing and fun.

Starbucks Facebook Page          

5. Oreo (38,476,147 likes)

I personally believe Oreo is one of the top brands that uses social media optimally and has to be on my list, year in year out.

Why it's on my list? 

From its timely Super Bowl tweet in 2013 when the power went out, to its 100 days of Oreo campaign to celebrate its 100th anniversary. This brand used recipes, pop culture references and engaging video to remain at the top of mind in 2014. Even though 2014 might have been a relatively quiet year, they deserve the shout out for their amazing use of social media to stay relevant. Here is a video showing how they used Facebook to celebrate their 100th anniversary.

6. Mashable  (2,990,974 likes)

Mashable is one of my go to news sources for the latest digital, social media, business, tech, entertainment and mobile news.

Why it's on my list? 

One of the news publishers that appeals to the digital generation. They use their Facebook page as a gateway to their articles by posting very frequently (at least 3 times a day) at reasonable time intervals. They post about a broad range of topics, which has me clicking to their website at least once a day. According to Fanpagelist, they are the 30th largest News page on Facebook. Not bad for a company that was taken over by Conan O’Brien in 2012 (for a day).


7. National Geographic (33,766,502 likes)

While Mashable is #30, I had to mention the #1 News Facebook page, National Geographic.

Why it's on my list? 

They not only have links to articles or links to documentaries, they also engage the audience with exclusive Facebook promos and contests. Earlier this year, Nat Geo ran the "My Nat Geo Covershot" contest on Facebook. This provided fans with the opportunity to have their own photos on a National Geographic Magazine. Fans simply upload their photos through Facebook, caption it, and then are entered to win a travel package. Simple but very rewarding, this became the winning photo of 2014 below and check out other contestants here.

National Geographic   Source: The Independence Day Photo and caption by Marko Korosec  

8. Redbull (45,650,415 likes)

Redbull is the drink that gives you wings and they soar when it comes to promoting their brand on social media.

Why it's on my list? 

Redbull uses the power of video to engage their audience. They promote their classic “Redbull gives you wings” ads on their Facebook page before airing some on regular TV. They sponsor cool events and projects such as the stratosphere space diving project involving Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartnerin 2012. In 2014, Danny Macaskill, a Red Bull sponsored cyclist, rode a mountain bike on a death defying ride through rocky mountains in the Isle of Skye, Scotland. This has raked over 25 million views since October and has been shared all over Facebook. The video is indescribable, so just check it out.

9. The Economist (4,945,220 likes)

Going back to the ‘News’ category, I’d like to bring up the Economist.

Why it's on my list? 

The Economist was one of the first traditional publications to recognise the coming of the digital age by offering digital subscriptions, as well as paper subscriptions. It also has a stand-alone app called “Economist Espresso” giving a daily snapshot of the world highlights. The company’s digital savvy can also be seen in their Facebook page. They update their cover photos weekly to coincide with the covers of the print copy. They have facebook content such as exclusive news only linked on facebook and a “Daily charts” section, a daily showcase of graphs and infographics of interesting data. Here is an example of an Economist Chart showcasing the number of goals in the world cup by minute.

The Economist Source: The Economist

10. Trunk Club (453,409 likes)

This is more like a bonus and even though they are not as famous as the others, I think they deserve a honourable mention. Trunk Club is an online stylist for guys. They send you a trunk full of clothes you may like; you pay for the ones you like, and send the rest back for free. Simple as that!

Why it's on my list? 

They do not use their facebook page to only update customers on new clothes in stock. They use it to provide Fashion fun facts, fashion advice, videos and exclusive content. They are not as big now but should be one to watch in 2015 and in coming years.

Trunk Club Facebook Page

So these are MY picks for 2014. What are YOUR picks for the year? Leave your choices in the comments section and see you in 2015.

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