Forex Media Buying Solutions to Consider For Your Next Campaign

Kristina Frunze, Aug. 14, 2019Media Buying
Forex Media Buying Solutions to Consider For Your Next Campaign

There are hundreds of forex media buying websites available out there, with each of their own media kit to send out to the forex brokers. In the consumer age, even companies are getting more inclined to offer (and not to be offered) their own custom solution to get the best results out of the next marketing campaign, as only YOU know what YOUR goals and YOUR expectations are. To make things easy, we made a comprehensive list of the forex media buying solutions available in the market. You can use the below and inquire for a custom solution from your new prospective media partner.


Best for: Brand awareness

Almost every company out there active in online advertising (not only in Forex industry) is running some sort of banner advertising activity. Nevertheless, there is always frustration when it comes to reviewing the results associated with the banner activity, as most of the times, we see almost no conversion coming through. This is mostly because people are being displayed with the banner ads ALL THE TIME, and also at EVERY TIME they do not look for them, unless your creative really grabs the attention with a surprise, humour, or another strong emotional factor.

On the other hand, there are also banner advertising activities which can prompt a direct action. An example is FxPro campaign where they embed an html code inside the banner to directly capture leads via a third party website.

FxPro lead-generation-banner


Best for: Website traffic

Native ads have been booming in the past few years as it provides relevant content to the readers, and is mostly used among news and other content driven websites. Native advertising shows much higher click through rate (CTR) than any other conventional advertising method and are often awarded with its high engagement ratio from the readers. In the forex industry, native ads can be well applied by providing quality content to the broker website on eBooks, strategies and videos, where you can display half of the content publicly while hiding the remaining part under authorization to collect registrations.


Best for: Brand awareness

Starting from YouTube (TrueView) advertising, video ads have gone far beyond in 2014 and 2015. We've seen video ads being displayed on a number of financial websites, being especially beneficial for brand awareness initiatives, such as the below campaign by Orbex.


With video advertising, you pay per views, and can also establish overlays with the text link CTA and push the most exciting content in the first 5 seconds to make viewers interested to continue viewing your ad. You can eventually pay only 0.11 euro cent per view or less, reaching to hundreds of thousands of traders.


Best for: Brand awareness

Video reviews have been implemented by a number of forex media sites such as FX Empire and Forex Minute, where a trader reviews your broker website, tools provided, members area and the trading platform in an interactive, yet easy to follow format. These reviews tend to last about 3-10 minutes, depending on the information available for the traders and broker's differentiation strategy as to what is different from the others in the marketplace.


Best for: Brand awareness

Recommended brokers feature comes in many different forms, either as a banner, a list of brokers' logos or a short description of one selected investment firm by a media company. This feature works best when provided by the big global sites such as or, as it gives credibility to the traders who are ready to switch, looking for a better trading solution.


Best for: Brand awareness

Directory listing is a great way to kick off for a startup investment firm and if you want to get some easy backlinks to power up your SEO efforts. Even though directory listing usually includes hundreds of competitors, you can stand out with the features you offer (differently) and the way you present your logo comparing to the rest on the list. If done properly, you can get very good Return on Investment (ROI), proven results by 7marketz with campaigns via and



Best for: Customer engagement

Did you know that the article your own analysts write can be featured on the leading financial websites? Well, there you go, YES! This is a very underestimated feature provided by many sites where your broker can share value content, thus boosting your brand image, promoting your Chief Analyst, getting backlinks for SEO, attracting followers and creating interest through engaging content.


Best for: Brand awareness

Having a co-branded campaign on social media can drastically increase the reach of your forex broker. It may not only include simple posts, but also custom landing pages, offers and events. Organic and boosted posts usually perform best for brand awareness, but you can also often come across a campaign where media is running lead generation campaign for forex brokers on Facebook and Twitter channels.

TIP: use sweepstakes campaign to generate leads and empower brand awareness



Best for: Brand awareness

Nearly every media site is featuring either static or real-time charts to display market analysis and financial trends. Branded charting solution can help brokerage firm display their trading solution to the readers of th third party website, thus prmototing the brand, creating trust and giving a brief platform demo, all in 1 go. Below is an example of the real-time dynamic chart by Plus500.



Best for: Website traffic

Action buttons are not as popular as some other media solutions offered in the market, but show to be one of the best performing, as they prompt direct response to "trading". The CTR might not be as high, but the quality of the referrals brought is usually very good, which is why this solution is much more pricy than the usual banner CPM. Below is the example of how has implemented the START TRADING feature.


Best for: Customer engagement

Newsletters have been implemented for already a decade and there is not as much to add rather than that not as many people are reading your emails now. In the current digital space, you should be more creative, even when sending emails via a third party, to attract the prospective readers right from the Subject line to prompt them first to open your content, and then make sure they've got enough (but not too much) information to make them interested to click on that CTA button. One of the best newsletter media provided by Action Forex.


Best for: Lead generation

Online events are very much underestimated by the investment firms, as these require more resources to bring prospects to the sale close. What is best about the webinars is that they prompt (1) registration to attend the event from the ones who are already interested in forex; (2) direct interaction with the analyst and your brand; (3) big data analytics from the webinar software; and (4) email workflow after the event.

atozforex webinars


Best for: Customer engagement

Seminars are a great way to position your company in the high-end in the specific target market. These have lots of advantages ranging from lead generation, partner activation and direct interaction with the prospects. Of course, these events require much investment, preparation and resources, but can also serve for the long-term public relations value of your brand. Here's the example of XM event in Malaysia.


Best for: Brand awareness

The website sponsorship or category sponsorship, also called Wallpaper or Takeover banners, is often applied for the big campaign impact by the established brokers or the newsly starting companies who want to showcase their brand to the masses. There is not much conversion generated from this type of media, but surely you can expect your brand to be recognised after a month and have increased direct and organic website traffic.



Best for: Lead generation

Retargeting (also known as Remarketing in Google) shows great results, as you can target specific audiences by their IP addresses who visit the third party websites for market analysis, education or other. Retargeting can work very well for conversion and ROI matters if campaigns are set up properly, but can as well just flash your investments down the drain if you are not following the best practices of online campaign optimisation.

TIP: always stay on top of your retargeting campaign performance 


Best for: Lead generation

Text ads, which started from search engines, are now used on a number of financial websites a means of lead generation and website traffic boost for the investment firms. The text ads work great when you get them specific to a campaign level or specify the high-end value traders can get once they click on your CTA. Action Forex and Forex Ratings drive some of the great results.


Best for: Brand awareness

As now everyone is bragging about having a mobile site and ensure responsive content, it's an important reminder to the forex brokers not to forget to forge on the mobile ads across the media channels. Consumers are now spending more time on their smartphone devices than their laptops and desktops, which is why you just might want to show your brand to them and grab their attention while they are reading the latest market news on Bloomberg.


Best for: Brand awareness

Popup banners are our least favorite feature, but still important to mention in this list of media solutions as a matter of choice for those who are looking for a massive branding campaign. Interstitials are not famous for driving registrations OR the conversions, but can eventually stimulate some brand awareness for your new product or special offer.

The catch: be sure to grab your audience in just 1 second with some big visuals, as most of the people tend to close these popup banners the second they appear on their screen

Now it's your turn - what did we miss out from the list above? Feel free to add the missing bits in the comments section below!

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