How to Attract Readers to Your Blog

Chukwuemeka Ndu, Jan. 28, 2016Blogging
How to Attract Readers to Your Blog

You have a lot of awesome content, you know that. But statistics show the opposite: for some reason, people just don’t feel like browsing your articles. And not a single soul on this planet, will ever know your terrific tips on how to clean the car without water and soap. Familiar situation? Read on, I have some very easy and effective tips for you to attract readers to your blog.

What we are going to do is to derive inspiration from the century old sources. I will suggest you to check out the printed newspapers! Yes, you probably have already forgotten how they look like, I know.

For centuries, publishers were mastering the art of arranging information and methods of drawing attention to specific articles. Keeping readers’ attention is really the art and a bit of psychology. Your main goal is not to spread the attention of the reader, but rather to make accents on specific points of content. Remember that person, especially the one who is reading for leisure, can’t and won’t concentrate for a long period of time. So here is how we attract and keep the attention of our readers.


choose the right images

Let’s think together, what is the main purpose of the featuring picture in your article? No, you don’t do that because everyone does, or just because in your default WordPress template there is a space for some image. You put the image to enhance your content, to make it more clear, to highlight certain aspects. Do you remember the old times? Photographers were making a new, original photo for each article, suitable only for this exact topic.

So why do you still put all these generic images to illustrate your content? This is the absolute worse you can do to your own article. The reader, who is scanning the page, will categorize your content as ‘another one about nothing’ or ‘stolen content’. Try to find images with action, looking realistic, and uniqueness (I mean you don’t see it in every single blog), expressive and meaningful. Don’t forget that the image reflects the content.


About Furs George R. Cripps 1913

Uff, finally, they found your article, because the image was looking so irresistible! Now you should deliver what you have promised. Time to remember the example of hard copy newspapers. Back then, the page space was pretty much limited, add to this the fact that the content was surrounded by other content. Just imagine how hard was to keep the reader focused.

So what can we adopt from the newspapers?

  • Divide your content into paragraphs. Each paragraph should contain a complete thought; you don’t cut the text in a random order.
  • Use bullet points. It’s clear and a very visual way of organizing the information.
  • Highlight the quotes. I’m sure you have seen it in a newspaper lots of times. Bold font, bigger font size, maybe even different color or frame. The quote should stand out.
  • Use footnotes – it’s an additional way of structuring your text, and a very visual one.
  • Highlight the most important information in bold. In this way, you will assist you reader to catch the key takeaways.

These steps will help make your content ‘visual’. What do we mean by that? First of all, it’s a big intellectual effort to stay focused on the monotonous text; this is why it is important to put visual anchors. Secondly, a well-organized text is easy to understand.


Well, this is very obvious, but for some unexplainable reason, lots of blogs miss that. Like any good newspaper, the blog should have a table of contents. Make the lists with the following topics, for example: ‘Top 5 articles’, ‘Reader’s Choice’, ‘Latest articles’, or organize articles thematically. You can even go all in, and make something surprising, such as ‘Top 5 articles, you won’t read anywhere else’.

Make the lists visible on every blog page, and keep in mind to add “Read more on this topic’ with similar articles.


enhance the content

Pretty much everything we were discussing before can be applied to enhance your blog homepage.

  • Content lists – from the very first sight, the reader should have the ability to understand, what kind of content you create, and where he can find it.
  • Quotes on the homepage play a different role, they can be used instead of article links and pictures. A bright, juicy quote can make a better job, it makes a person curious. Consider dedicating space on your homepage for quotes.
  • A short poll can make your visitor curious and encourage being proactive. Polls are a great way to get comments.

As you could notice, all the tips are easy, yet the devil is in the details. Hope I helped you to make your blog content more noticeable and readable.

Share with us tips that worked for you, and your experience of applying ours!

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