Case Study: How to Increase Linkedin Engagement

Chukwuemeka Ndu, Mar. 30, 2016Social Media
Case Study: How to Increase Linkedin Engagement

On the surface, LinkedIn looks easy: you have a network of professionals, who are definitely interested in their industry topics; you have an idea of what type of content they are interested in, and you can also guess the most suitable posting time. Sounds theory. Yet developing your company’s page requires effort. Here are the things that worked right for the LinkedIn pages we are running.

But let’s first find out, why LinkedIn is so important for your business?

  • 40% of users access LinkedIn every day
  • 2 new members join the network every second
  • Over 25 million profiles are viewed on LinkedIn daily
  • 1 out of 3 professionals on the planet have LinkedIn profiles
  • 41% access LinkedIn from their mobile device
  • LinkedIn is used in over 200 countries and available in 20 languages
  • 41% of millionaires use LinkedIn


First and foremost, before jumping into the question how to increase LinkedIn engagement, make sure that your company profile is actually 100% complete. Incomplete company profiles are (1) less 'search-friendly' and (2) less attractive to your followers.

  • Create custom cover photo using a free tool
  • Upload your logo for profile picture and a thumbnail
  • Write unique company description using long-tail keywords
  • List your specialties
  • Add links to your website, video and LinkedIn group
  • Add contact details
  • List your products and add showcase pages, if available
  • Ask clients for reviews
  • Post vacancies
  • Ask employees to follow and interact with the page


Taking into consideration that LinkedIn is a professional network doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to publish only serious job-related content. No, you don’t. People always forget that LinkedIn is, first of all, a networking tool, and this requires communication.

Let’s see it on an example when meeting your colleagues or partners. What will you be talking about outside the meeting room? Investment strategy? Reports? Or maybe you will discuss your common acquaintances? Yes, you will talk not just about the job, but you will engage in ‘mortal’ human communication.

So here is the first conclusion: don’t keep it too serious, congratulate your audience with holidays, wish them a great weekend (“Friday feeling” posts are among the best performing, try it) and publish some entertainment content related to your industry. Show that you have interests except the job.

Starbucks historical places


Articles and links are useful, and they are working well if you integrate them with other types of content. As much as on Facebook, LinkedIn users love to see motivational images, quotes, real photos of your company and employees, videos and presentations.

Feel free to share the content from other sources, and you will present your company as the one, always keeping it up with the latest trends. Make your page a vivid illustration of how versatile your business is.



LinkedIn and SlideShare were meant for each other, so don’t miss an opportunity to show off your company’s creative work. SlideShare is your best chance to stand out and clearly demonstrate an ultimate expertise in the industry.

By the way, here is a guide on how to make your SlideShare content unforgettable. And again, thinking of engagement, presentations are quite popular and are commonly shared.


Talk to people, and show your interest in the others' opinion, as all of us love to feel valuable. Ask provocative questions, propose difficult situations, or post puzzles with a promise to give an answer the next day. I have seen lots of successful examples of this kind of interaction with the audience.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Talk about current events, and propose to discuss them from some unusual prospective;
  • Dig historical facts, and be surprised together with your audience;
  • Share statistics (it can be from your company or the industry). Numbers are always attractive;
  • Big news from your company. Ask opinion about the products or event.


Though many companies prefer working with the headhunters, showing employment opportunities can drastically improve your page rating and engagement. Except the obvious benefits of connecting with interested specialists directly, you are getting new followers, who will be interested in your updates.

Many of the biggest brands in the tech world don’t even bother publishing anything besides the job offers. Look at General Electrics or Apple.

Apple hiring


So simple, but still too many companies are not utilizing this feature properly. If you have an outstanding content, don’t bury it under the tons of routine updates, show it!

Pinned posts allow you to make a promise to your page’s occasional visitor. Yes, you will make an impression that all of your content is that awesome. Isn’t that what you want?



If you have something extremely important to share with your industry, go all in and sponsor the update. Be prepared to a different price range, compared to Facebook, yet, the possibilities of targeting are quite impressive. You can target not just geographically, but also choose a professional level of your audience.


If commonly Facebook users don’t feel comfortable sharing job posts on their personal pages, LinkedIn people are much more enthusiastic about professional updates. Get more traffic from your own business contacts!

These are the working LinkedIn tips, but remember, whatever you do on social media, stay proactive and be interested yourself in what you do! Do you have your own secret success recipes for LinkedIn?


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