Importance Of Marketing For Tech Stratups

Polina Zelikova, Jan. 15, 2016Startup Marketing
Importance Of Marketing For Tech Stratups

We have all been there, trying to find a parking spot when you are rushing for a meeting. Only ending up driving in circles for 30 minutes. Now you came up with a brilliant idea that can fix this problem, with a simple app for mobile. You figured it all out, went to the local Chamber of Commerce, and you are now a proud owner of a start-up. Now what..?

People need to know that their parking frustrations are now a part of history. They have to know about your company, somehow. Unlike traditional product marketing, you cannot go around and give free samples when on tight budget. You have to reach customers online.

Now there are many ways to target prospects, but why is it so important? Why do we spend so much time and energy on marketing? The answer is very straight forward - to build your brand image. The beauty of a startup is that you start fresh, you create whatever image you want (with the right tools and team of course). Here is how importance of marketing for tech startups takes place.


Tech startups usually have an image of innovative thinking, and you should take advantage of it. Get out there and show them that your company can provide a service that has not been seen yet. Make them eager. Show them the value of your product / service.

Here is a handy guide to starting a marketing campaign for small business.


The value of a tech company and their product is highly depended on its trust and reliability. You can have an amazing app, but if you fail to deliver at a certain level of safety, you are basically done. As a company you have to make sure that people feel safe using your product and service, in this case, an app. With the right marketing moves you build up trust among (potential) customers. And the best part is that there is no need for big budgets to achieve that nowadays. As you research ways to market your app, you will find out the importance of social media, where people influence each other very heavily and easily.

Show them that they will not get ripped off in any kind of way, and make sure they won’t. As long as you are not an MTV star, there is such thing as bad publicity. Do not forget about the brand image: as it takes years to build a strong and positive one. but it only takes a few actions to damage that image.


Last but not least, you have to show your passion about what you are offering. According to The Golden Circle by Simon Sinek, a product or a service has three layers:

  1. In the inner circle, we have the WHY: why do you want to make product or service X?
  2. The next one is HOW: how do you want to achieve that?
  3. and lastly the WHAT. The what is the product/service you deliver.

Customers are attracted to the WHY, the company’s vision. That is your key selling point and what will differentiate you from the others. At the end of the day, it is about the result on the bottom line, your ROI and sales, you want to go above and beyond the break-even-point.

The right marketing strategy might help make your parking app become a part of the daily life of many around the world just before Christmas this year. First thing first, let the public get to know your service. And don’t forget to always stay reliableand show your passion that triggered you to develop this app in the first place!

Has there been a tech startup that caught your attention past year? Let us know in the comments below.


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