How to increase Forex lead conversion by optimizing your landing pages

Polina Zelikova, Aug. 14, 2019Forex Marketing
How to increase Forex lead conversion by optimizing your landing pages

A landing page is an important part of your website and acts as a ‘sales person’ that helps you gather information about your prospects and collect leads. Optimized landing page can increase Forex lead conversion exponentially even if the amount of traffic coming there remains the same. It will also enable you to convert qualified leads that will most like stay and become customers. So, how do you actually optimize your landing page? Here are 6 tips to increase Forex lead conversion via landing pages.


The first essential check point is your headline, as this is what people see first when they arrive on a landing page. Therefore, it should catch people’s attention immediately. The statistics reveal that it takes only 5 seconds for a person to scan through a website page. Thus, it depends on your efforts whether people will stay or bounce.

The headline should be written in an explicit and concise manner, and explain what the offer is and what the person will get in return for his or her information. Also, it is important to use action-oriented words such as Get, Join, Experience, Free, Start, etc., as they incite people to ACT. Besides, do not make your headline too long, otherwise people will not read it fully. An appropriate length for it would be 5 words or less.

sto landing page example What is good about the STO example headline?

  • It instantly captures attention due to the font size, bolding and capital letters;
  • It uses action-oriented verb ‘Register’;
  • It is explicit and short.


Next thing that you need to consider is your offer. It should include the description of your proposition (1-3 sentences) and what value the prospect should expect (another 1 to 3 sentences). In order to make it easier for people to digest the information and remember important points, use white spacing, bullet points, numbers and different font styles.

orbex landing page example 1

Orbex landing page clearly identifies the main benefits of registering by marking them with bullet points. Therefore, it is easy for visitors to grasp and remember the value proposition. Furthermore, under a form you can visualize the steps showing how the service will be activated.

orbex landing page example 2

Even more advantageous, this landing page shows what happens next, after you open an account. It is a useful method, as people are more deliberate about their decisions. Hence, you will get more qualified leads.



When creating a form, you should consider the following:

  • Visually point at the form, so it's clear for visitors that they have to fill it in (after reading the offer description);
  • To filter out poor quality leads, think about adding a double opt-in or phone number verification. This will reduce the number of total leads, but drastically improve your conversion rates and will let your sales team focus only on the serious calls;
  • Use marketing automation to gather behavioral data from the prospects, such as source, pages visited, demographics, country, social media profiles, etc;
  • Use progressive profiling to capture more information about your (returning) leads and build up a complete customer profile in your CRM.

cmc markets landing page What is good about this form is that it perfectly fits to the landing page (the design of the form) but at the same time, stands out. The form is not long and requires information that is most important for the company and the customer to activate an account and start trading.



Moving on, it is easier for people to perceive information presented in a visual form. Hence, a written explanation of the offer can be supplemented with pictures, videos or animations.

Also, it has been proven to have a much more positive response when visualising women in ads, since men engage more with advertisements that depict women. Moreover, studies suggest that website visitors tend to look in the same direction as a person in the picture. Therefore, an ad showing a female looking in the direction of the call-to-action button (or a form) can be a good approach to increase the conversion rate on your landing page.

Likewise, think of placing a live chat option on your landing page. If users have questions, they can contact you instantly, and also leave their contact details (as a part of a lead form submission). This will also help you optimise your conversion rate and become an initiation of the first dialogue with your sales team.

fxtm landing page example



Another important factor that will help you increase the conversion rate is by building trust with your prospects. It can be achieved by providing an address of your company, phone number, Skype ID, and social media stream. In this way, people are sure that you are a true company and are able to reach you when needed.

Moreover, consider including testimonials on the landing page. It shows credibility of your company, as people are prone to trust the opinion of others.

However, one thing to remember is that if you place testimonials, make sure to put a photo, name of a person, title and company (if applicable) to ensure integrity. This is especially important for B2B application.

justforex landing page example As you can see from this landing page screenshot, besides of just showing the benefits, JustForex also provides the opinions of current customers.  


Furthermore, the flow of content on your landing page should be consistent and logical, so that visitors can easily grasp and follow it. It is advised to firstly explain the offer, then state the benefits, provide testimonials, and end with the call to action. You can adjust the order to your landing page, but remember that it should be coherent. Also, hide navigation menu and consider removing any outbound links, as they can distract people from the main purpose of this page – the conversion. Add social sharing buttons, so that people can share the content with their fellows and spread the word.

saxo landing page example  

Last but not least, important to consider is the evaluation of the performance. Each time you adopt changes, come back to check whether they actually work and improve your campaign results. There are various tools that can help you analyze and optimize the effectiveness of your landing page. The most popular analytics tools are Google Analytics, SumoMe heatmaps, CRM monitoring and integration, A/B testing and marketing automation tools such as HubSpot and Marketo.

All in all, keep on optimizing your landing page so that it is coherent, clear and appealing to your prospects, has a catching headline, concise content, well encapsulated form, and elements that reinforce trust. Measure its effectiveness to better understand how your prospects behave and what stimulates their purchase decisions. These will help you increase Forex lead conversion rate and multiply the amount of qualified prospects coming from your landing pages.


Have you found these tips helpful? Share your thoughts and ideas with us in the comments below.

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