Lead Generation Campaign Ideas For Your Small Business

Polina Zelikova, Nov. 13, 2015Startup Marketing
Lead Generation Campaign Ideas For Your Small Business

Local stores, tech startups and entrepreneurs don't necessary have to have big bucks marketing budget to attract business.  There are many ways your company can run lead generation and branding campaigns at a cost close to zero. In this post we highlight some of the best techniques you can use to achive these with the power of social marketing.


Who said that you cannot get clients from Facebook?! Of course, you CAN! Especially with the app setups and creative spirit on the social strategy, your Facebook account will shine in no time! Low cost tools such as Woobox let you create sweepstakes, raffles, polls and contests with little to no knowledge of coding and programming, so you can launch your campaigns in a matter of minutes.

Woobox lets you have the tab on the top of your Facebook page, on the left sidebar, and you can even embed the iFrame to your website or blog, letting you create landing pages on your site directly. You can see the full stats of the daily views, signups and shares in the dashboard.




Search is by far one of the greatest toools for marketing any business in any sector. With the change in consumer behaviour and increasing trends for inforamtion search, customers are constantly searching for information. Your business can help them find YOU. Focus on optimising your organic results through content marketing. By simply following the basics, you can already achieve results:

  1. Analyse your competition via SimilarWeb reporting
  2. Conduct keywords research for your focus group using Google Keyword Tool
  3. Map the content strategy for your website and blog: focus on one long-tail keyword per page
  4. Reach out to influencers, partners and clients to drive inbound links
  5. Employ the power of social media
  6. Optimise your site's SEO performance with SeoSiteCheckUp

Here's a sample data report from another small business who focused on Search.

hubspot sources-report-sample


Just recently we noticed a great new feature offered by SlideShare that now allows you to create lead generation forms on your shares. You can attach those in the middle of the presentation, when existing, at the end of the presentation and when prompting to share the document. The best part is that you only pay a small amount when you get a registration (not per impression or click!).

Lead Generation on SlideShare: A How-to Guide from LinkedIn SlideShare


It has been proven that people who already entered into a relation with your brand are much more likely to convert than strangers. The best part is that the cost is also lower! You can find best practices by employing web ads with social media, such as Facebook. Facebook, however, has shown that right hand side banners work much better for lead generation purposes than news feed, which attracts more comments, shares and likes. You can employ eBook offers for awareness stage, industry report, webinars,  and demos for the later stages of the buyer journey.

Read our study on programmatic buying for more information on this topic.


Once you complete the above, there is no way for you to stop working on the marketing. Rule of thumb - never stop optimising! As an example, you can use the below list to help you further leverage the performance of your lead generation campaigns:

  1. showcase product videos for improved enagagement
  2. use shorter forms on landing pages
  3. test different calls to action (A/B Testing)
  4. employ trust elements, such as social media, testimonials and payment verifications
  5. publish articles on Linkedin and link back to your website
  6. participate in Google Plus communities
  7. join discussions on Quora
  8. ask for reviews
  9. give presentations at industry events
  10. include website and offers in your email signature
  11. add custom popups to your pages

The above list is just a start for the lead generation, but can help you get a better idea on the marketing initiatives you can plan next.

What has been working best for your lead generation campaigns? Share your story in the comments section below!

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