Let's Go Live (Streaming)

Polina Zelikova, Aug. 14, 2019Social Media
Let's Go Live (Streaming)

The joy of knowing what your celebrity crush is up to at the moment is real. I am not talking about just a picture of his breakfast on Instagram. No. I mean the real deal, where you can actually see him eating his breakfast on Snapchat. Not gonna lie it does sound creepy, but for some reason it does entertain us.

Entertainment is one of the reasons why live streaming is trending and Snapchat is so popular. Not to mention how easy it is,  all you need is a phone or a computer and a strong internet connection.

But the main reason of the popularity has to be the fact that live streaming brings real time, mobile, video and social together. Hence, many big players have been jumping on this waggon like; Twitter, YouTube, Google and Facebook. Twitter bought Periscope for around $100 million in 2015, even before it was launched, as they saw the growing importance of live streaming.

Facebook launched Live in August 2015, however it wasn’t until December that it was available for everybody. Among the many features, it gives you the possibility to search for topics you are interested in, and it displays where everybody in the world is going live. When deciding to go live yourself, you can have a podcast for up to 90 minutes. These are just some of the most known players; there are many other like Livestream, Blab and MeerKat.

live broadcast

Now how can businesses benefit from this trend ? Live streaming gives your followers a front-row seat to anything related to your brand. It stimulates trust among brands and consumers. There is no second take, no editing; you simply show everything as it is. Also raw footages make the brand seem more human, because it is not perfect.

Here are a few ways you can use live streaming to attract more attention to your business.


Share simple behind-the-scenes shots at work. Or exclusive footage of events, product launches, or even the production process of a new product. All of these will trigger curiosity of your followers, making them keep an eye on the company's social media.


Having a live Q&A will increase engagement among the followers, and to increase the amount of followers you might choose to include experts, celebrities or influencers. Or having them take over the brand account for a day, their network will extend the reach of the brand. Do not underestimate the power of social influencers. According to Tomoson, 51% of marketers believe they acquire better customers through influencer marketing, when asked to rate the average quality of customers acquired through the channel.

meerkat vs periscope


This is an obvious one. Use, for example, the company's Snapchat account to highlight promotion deals. To show demonstrations of your product or service.  Show results, or what others think about the product/service, kind of like a live review. It is also the right opportunity to start a hashtag, and let others share their opinions and experiences with the product. According to research from BrightLocal, 79% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

These were just 3 examples, the beauty of live streaming is that you can get as creative as you want to. However keep in mind that you want to be talked about, in a positive way. There is nothing wrong with creating curiosity, letting people talk about the brand and keeping an eye on the company. But do not mislead them in any kind of way, it will cause more harm than good.

A safe formula to follow would be: Wrapping honest information in a bit of curiosity, a pinch of humour (for the added entertainment level) and having it presented by an influencer.

Are you an active Snapchatter? Or do you have a favourite podcaster? Let us know in the comment section below!

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