Social Media Campaign Management - The Key To Success

Polina Zelikova, Jun. 23, 2015Social Media
Social Media Campaign Management - The Key To Success

There are a lot of of online resources on social marketing and its importance (we've even written one ourselves). With all this information it can be overwhelming to start a social campaign from scratch. No worries, this post is here to simplify the process and give practical steps to run a successful social campaign. At 7marketz, we like to refer to it as the PEAR strategy. Not the fruit but PEAR as in Plan, Engage, Analyze and Repeat.


This is because, one, it is easy to remember; and two, pears are usually the first kind of juices that newborns can consume. So this strategy should serve as the foundation for your upcoming marketing campaigns.


Planning is the most important step in any campaign management. Failure to plan is planning to fail. The first part of planning is to perform market research. With it you should know your personas’ preferred social channel, language, basic behaviour and needs.

The second part is to plan the approach. Draw a map of what you want to achieve and how you plan to achieve it. Make sure your goals are easy to measure and evaluate. For example, referring to campaign #INVESTLIKEHER, the objective was to increase awareness of female investors in the finance industry. The research showed that the target audience (women investors) was active on LinkedIn and Twitter media channels, so the 7marketz team planned the social reach accordingly. Once the context has been identified, the team had to set up the timetable for social media campaign management, KPIs and tracking tools.

Time: 1 month
KPIs: # Mentions, # Shares, # Comments, # Traffic, % Refferrals increase, % Women Traffic increase, etc
Tools: Google Analytics, SocialBro, Sprout Social, SugarCRM, etc


Now let's move to the next step which is to engage with your target audience. Engagement should always be a 2-way communication; users to engage with your content and you can engage with your users. The campaign should deliver content that would best resonate with your target audience. In our case, the campaign name and the hashtag was #InvestLikeHer. This encouraged real women in the finance industry to share their thoughts and stories on their investing career and practices.


As mentioned earlier, engagement is not only about the content, but primarily about the users. Engage with your followers by retweeting and replying to their comments. This will keep the campaign less "one-sided" and more of a dialogue which is what marketing is all about today.



This step is the very important and is the only way to know if your marketing efforts are successful. Are you achieving the clear measurable goals you set out in the planning stage? If not, how off are you and what can you do to fix it? Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, Google Analytics and HubSpot Reports are some of the examples to name that you should keep track of your campaigns performance. #InvestLikeHer campaign was not only a success because it hit the desired goals, but also because it was then covered in some news outlets.




The final step might seem counterintuitive, but do not forget to set out the learnings from the campaign in order to repeat the process for your next initiative on improved foundation. This step is vital if you want to either extend your current campaign or run a similar set-up campaign in the future.


So that’s an overview of how we go about our social media campaigns. The more you do this, the more details you can add. But for now with this in mind, you should have a good idea on how to start your first campaign.

How have you gone about your social media planning? Any new insights or one that we missed?  Let us know in the comments section below. 7marketz also provides a hassle free service and manages and optimizes your social media channels for better results.

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