15 Must-See Social Media Infographics Of 2015

Polina Zelikova, Aug. 28, 2015Social Media
15 Must-See Social Media Infographics Of 2015

"An image can tell a thousand words" was quoted once, and since - marketers from all over the world are trying to follow this trend to present complex data in a visual, creative and easy to interpret manner. In this blog post our Inbound Marketing team has decided to present the latest social media trends of 2015 by reviewing the social media infographics published earlier this year.


Before starting with any marketing activity, every business must first understand WHO their audience actually is. This includes target persona, actual clients, followers and brand ambassadors.

All of us are using social media in different ways, but of course, based on the many various studies, researchers can conclude on some general behaviors. As for example, the first infographic featuring The Landscape Of Customer Indentity 2015 shows how users are using social media to authorize their access on websites. Facebook has been identified to control the whole two thirds of all the social media logins.

landscape of customer identity

To better understand the audience, Facebook team also revealed their infographic featuring the Average Day On Facebook. The study shows that demographic age of the average Facebook user has changed by 5 years up, moving from 33 year-old to majority of 38-year-old users. The network is now mostly used for sending private messages (82%) and half of the users updating the status once daily (52%).

average day on facebook


The Power Of The #Hashtag infographic then displays how companies can use hashtag campaigns to empower user engagement and drive business results. However, you do have to make sure that your account is neither protected nor private to allow hashtag search for your content. Hashtags have most impact when using 1-2 per tweet.

hashtag marketing


One of the primary elements of staying efficient is time management2015 Social Media Shortcuts Guide provides the keyboard combinations that can save a whole bunch of time for the community managers to stay on top of what really matters - driving content and user engagement.

social media shortcuts

Similarly, the 2015 Social Media Image Size Guide can help you get the image sizes you need for all the popular social media channels out there. Simply bookmark or print it to have always at hand when the time comes to place a new design on your social network.

social media image sizes 2015


In order to increase the audience engagement, build SEO value for your website, increase sales and develop brand affinity, you need SHARES. Six Social Sharing Laws for Business is exactly what you need to help you get there.

social sharing for business

As the social media post requires certain adjustments per channel, How To Create A Perfect Social Media Post provides the actual checklist to help you prepare the best social media post for every main channel.

perfect social media post


As Twitter has been nominated multiple times for driving most website traffic for businesses, let's look into how exactly a company can drive those interactions with The Twitter Roadmap to Getting More Retweets, Favorites, and Clicks. As an example, using images increases your retweets by 150% and favorites by 89%.

twitter marketing roadmap


Everyone knows about how Facebook has been changing over the past years, deriving more out of the advertising of companies and making it tougher for brands to actually reach out to their followers using the traditional organic posts. Here's How You Can Improve Your Facebook's Organic Reach using the below infographic. The study shows that posts with the "self-explanatory images" like this one actually increases the organic reach based on the latest Facebook algorithm.

Facebook organic marketing


LinkedIn team does not mind posting the marketing tips for its own platform to derive more engagement from their customers - YOU. So should you! 5 Minute LinkedIn Marketing Plan reveals what your business should do on LinkedIn to support the online business growth in just 5 minutes a day.

linkedin marketing


Even though the usage of Google Plus network is falling, you should not ignore this channel in order not to miss out on potential business opportunities. As a marketing channel, Google Plus provides great features of Community discussions, which are much more engaging than the ones you find on Facebook nowadays, popular Hangouts to host online events and of course the inevitable SEO value for your website and blog. Here's How To Use Google Plus For Marketing.

google plus marketing


Of course, all the marketing activities would come to nothing if they did not end up closing on some sales eventually. In this infographic about 7 Steps To Calculate Social Media ROI your business can easily measure the actual value of your marketing activities and optimize for better results.

social media roi


Now, it's time to optimize your performance! Have you looked into the Do's And Dont's On Social Media? One of the main reason for people not seeing your posts is actually coming down to the bad timing. AND the timing varies per channel! Below are some of the very simple but very useful infographics you can use to guide you through the social post scheduling.

Timing - DO

social media timing - do

Timing - DONT

social media timing - donts

Now it’s your turn! What are your favorite infographics that made an impact to your social media marketing this year? Post your selection in the comments section below.

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