The Thin Line Between Selling And Failing To Sell

Polina Zelikova, Mar. 11, 2016Sales
The Thin Line Between Selling And Failing To Sell

It is finally Friday, everyone is ready to finish their working week and welcome that two days of weekend to spend some time with the family, enjoy the pool, movie or anything else that you have been waiting for.  And when it comes to sales, account managers tend to reduce their sales attempts on this particular day of the week, because, “Well, it’s Friday!

Have you ever got that call from someone on a Friday who has been nagging you to buy their product, and you just gave that person a shot because on that day he started to ask about your weekend plans?

In my job, as the Group Strategy Captain for multiple 7marketz brands, I talk to different institutional partners on a daily basis, but I get excited the most on Fridays.  Probably you are telling yourself “DUH”! But not for the reason most people would get excited for, but because best conversions are made on this day.

I love Fridays, and even more Mondays, because these two days give me the opportunity to build ‘relationships’. Indeed, if it was up to me, I would only work on these two days.

It is often so overwhelming during the week that you receive a ton of calls from different parties, everyone trying to sell you something. But then one person takes the opportunity to actually become a human and asks the key question on a Friday:

What are your plans for the weekend?

This question will open the doors that even the best sales pitch would not. Imagine, you are counting the hours till your 5-6 pm end of work day, thinking about the evening in your mind, and suddenly someone touches your heart and asks you to put it in words.

everybody dance now - it's friday!

As the best icebreaker ever, this golden question will open the doors for the salesmen, with a little bit of “wow”, “really”, “that is amazing” you actually can warm up the conversation and make yourself memorable. Then you simply put your personal story with a slight informal touch, but not too much. Yep, there you have a probable conversion for you.

BUT! Sometimes some salesman will completely understand this from the wrong end. And within the first call they would tend to add their leads on Facebook, WhatsApp, and whatever channel they can think of. Well, that is creepy!  I would run away from that person too. Indeed, this is what happened with one of my contacts a few weeks ago - Failing To Sell.

One of our followers decided to open a Forex account with an AtoZ Approved Forex Broker, the lead was completely sold and was ready to deposit. Then the broker’s sales representative called this trader, who turned everything upside down. According to the email we received from this trader, the call took place on a Friday, where the sales person asked the usual KYC questions, asked about the weekend, but then lost the control and started to talk about his coming weekend as well as deciding to find the client in every social media he could find him on.

You can imagine the rest of the story. The trader got so scared and stressed out, he sent us an email asking if he was being scammed, as this guy was “stalking him” and he changed his mind of doing business with that forex broker.

fastest way to lose customers

Selling is not about only closing, but mostly about the right time, right question and ability to listen more than you actually talk. It is about building a trusting relationship and partnership with your leads, by becoming a resource, but within the border lines. It is also helping your leads to solve their existing problems, or meeting their needs and desires but making yourself a little unreachable.

So what is your plan for this weekend? Let’s have a call on Monday to see how we could help you.


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