Website Traffic from Social Media: What To Expect

Maryna Burushkina, Jan. 6, 2015Social Media
Website Traffic from Social Media: What To Expect

Just recently, 7marketz team got a very good question on the LinkedIn Community, International Marketing Goes Social, where a member asked how many web visits should small businesses actually expect from their social media channels. The answer is not as simple as it gets, as the conversion would really depend on your content, fan quality and area of business.

How much conversion ration Facebook fan page to website? Example: Facebook fan page total fan 1000 when I post a link in fan page, how much visitor convert to website.


As many of you already know, Facebook has got an algorithm in place which defines how many people see your posts. This is one of the reasons. For example, if you post more than twice a day on Facebook, or your Facebook page engagement is close to zero, expect very low number of website views coming from the social network. Additionally, it would depend on the time of your posts, which also results in post engagement.

Tip: Check for the best time to post on Facebook using the free tools from Simply Measured.


Many startups at times take number of social media followers as a predetermination of their social media success. There are also many instances of when companies buy likes with the goal to reach more people. Unfortunately, this is not the way social media works. You have to build quality followers, and target only the people who would eventually bring value to your brand. It is recommended to even remove certain (fake) followers to keep your engagement high and improve overall deliverability of your posts to the audience that matters, which also affects the Facebook algorithm.

Tip: Build relationships across your social media channels to improve engagement and website conversion.

Business focus

Where does Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn stand in your business marketing strategy? Do you even need a Facebook page? You'll get the answer by simply understanding your buyer personas and whether a certain social network is a part of the customer journey (before, during and after purchase). For example, if your business specialises in e-commerce for female teenagers, you may consider channels such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for your marketing, and most probably will not target the customers via LinkedIn. LinkedIn in this case could be kept to meet your corporate goals of partnerships, CSR and employee network.

Tip: Define the buyer personas and their customer journey to build a strong social marketing strategy.

Considering the "healthy" stats on the above points, the average website traffic from social media can result in between 10-25% of your total followers. Read about the 5 Do's and Don't of Social Media Marketing for Small Business to get more insights about how to manage your social networks. Here's a list of the top Facebook pages that rocked in 2014.

Hope this helps and good luck! Wishing you all the best in 2015!

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