Survey: What People Hate About Sales?

Kristina Frunze, Mar. 11, 2016Sales
Survey: What People Hate About Sales?

Working with (or for some, dealing with) sales is a constant part of our professional lives. Some sales reps are great to work with. Some … not so much. Our previous blog post The Thin Line Between Selling And Failing To Sell highlights some of the dramatic examples many of us experience with sales team. So, what people hate about sales? We’re teaming up with HubSpot’s Research group to survey consumers on how they feel about sales and how they look for information when considering a business purchase. If you happen to be a sales professional, we have tailored questions just for you on how you approach prospects and the challenges you face today.

  • What are you top challenges when selling to prospects?
  • What gets covered during a good sales meeting?
  • When you make a business purchase, would you rather go to a sales rep, a blog, or Google for info?

If you want to make your voice heard, take HubSpot’s survey today! It’ll take just a few minutes to complete and is totally anonymous.

*PS: We know hate is a strong word but it seems like sales really gets people worked up! Let us know if we’re being too harsh in the survey and be sure to share the link with colleagues!


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