Why You Should Hire a Marketing Consultant For Your Business

Quyen Nong, Aug. 14, 2019Forex Marketing
Why You Should Hire a Marketing Consultant For Your Business

Payroll or outsource? Whether you run a small business or a large enterprise, the requirement of a sound marketing strategy will underlie all your business efforts. While coping within a highly volatile marketplace may seem like an impossible mission, it all comes down to prioritizing and delegating effectively, to stay on track to deliver upon your KPIs.

Assuming the intended end goal is all around performance, this exceptionally challenging task is almost unachievable single handedly. Expertise and experience are valuable traits in any field, whether it is marketing, sales or any other department. So, why be the jack-of-all-trades and master of none?

Focus on what you do best – INNOVATION, whether it is Forex trading, hardware engineering or coding. Hire a marketing consultant (unless you aren’t one yourself) to oversee your marketing activities and steer you ahead of your competition. Still not convinced? Read ahead and you might change your mind.

Here are 5 major reasons why you should work with a marketing consultant. Of course, the list can be longer than what we have highlighted below, but we focused on the major bits.  


Let's begin with some introspection. Ask yourself; do you really know everything in the field of marketing? The latest marketing trends? Major developments in your industry? Social media platform updates? In case you don’t, there is good news! Most usually, a consultant stays in sync with the latest developments in the marketing scene, and with the accumulated expertise, is aware of what is vital in achieving marketing excellence in the specific industries of expertise. Acquiring guidance of a marketing consultant doesn’t only set you on the right track, but also paves the way towards solid marketing performance.



If you take into consideration either hiring an entry-level marketing employee or an established consultancy firm, whom would you expect to get the most effective results from? A respectable consultant will know exactly how to tailor their skillset to your specific case and provide experience-backed tactics to achieve long-term success in a shorter period of time. An entry-level employee, on the other hand, would have to gain that experience (spending extended periods of time) and thus, would be unable to provide expected results in a short term.

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Hiring a reputable marketing employee on a part time basis is a hard task, as most professionals expect to have a full-time commitment with the company they are employed at. This may not be exactly what you are after though, as your requirements may be limited, although the quality you expect is boundless.

This is where a marketing consultant fits in perfectly. A project based, hour based contract is what will reap maximum benefits for the limited scope of requirements, where you expect the highest level of proficiency. This works perfect for one-time-off marketing campaigns and new product development initiatives.

outsourced digital marketing activity in percentage - gartner  


In a lightning paced business environment, where the time for reassessment of ones marketing activities is scarce - falling into a rut and reaching a point of stagnation is inevitable. Any internal view of your marketing activities would be biased, as it is what the organization conforms to and is used to. On the contrary, an external party, who in this case would be the consultant, would provide an unbiased external view based on facts, their own experience and expertise.

Having this contrasting view may, in most cases, help towards identifying strengths and weaknesses, and consequently, the prospective action plan that would propel you beyond your competition.


A consultant most usually has all the resources relevant to their trade right out of the box (computer software, printer, stationery etc.). This gives you the freedom of investing only into the expertise rather than the resources that complement it. On the other hand, hiring an in-house employee would bring along overhead expenses on the resources that complement the job, training and development expenses.

Traditional marketing structure  vs. Outsourced marketing structure
Multiple professional relationships   One professional relationship
Multiple vendors   One vendor
Multiple bills   One bill


  insource, outsource or hybrid for content marketing While hiring on payroll has its advantages on daily face-to-face interactions and instant response, overviewing the list above, it is safe to say that in most scenarios, a consultant proves most resourceful over an in-house employee or ambitious individuals with limited knowledge in specific industry. This is possible due to the accumulation of vast amounts of experience and complementary expertise, the ability to fully optimize resources, reduce overhead to the minimum, and lastly, by being able to provide external view. The benefits of hiring a consultant are far from limited to the 5 benefits mentioned above, so you might want to get started on restructuring your marketing strategy with a reputed consultant.


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